2015 Nissan Pathfinder Review

This 2015 Pathfinder is my wife’s loaner vehicle while her car is getting fixed. She hates driving it so much, every morning she bats her cute eyelashes at me, and sweetly asking me if I’d drive it instead. Since I love writing about cars, and genuinely love my dear wife, I took the Pathfinder for a week, and gave her my car, which made my wife so happy, I think I can get away with not cleaning the garage for at least another 6 months.
After driving the 2015 Nissan Pathfinder for a week, I can imagine the final conversation in the engineering boardroom.
“Hey Stosh – you done with that Pathfinder prototype yet??
“Did you check off the entire engineering mandatories list?”
“Lets see..#1, Third Row, check, #2, Heavier than a African Gray Hippo, check. Did you test drive it?”
“Great! Let’s put it into production.”
Maybe I’m being too harsh, but my favorite parts about this truck can be found while it’s standing still. Namely, the third row seat. Okay, just kidding, I also like the driving position, which gives a great view of the earth below. Yes – this is a large vehicle.

Now, start the engine, and put it in gear, it’s a different story. I was ready to turn this vehicle in after driving it less than 45 inches. I was backing up out of my garage while attempting to raise the headrest, when the entire thing came off in my hands. So, with the Pathfinder’s rear end partly sticking out of my garage, I put it in Park, and attempted to re-insert the headrest. I did, but then it tilted so far forward, my chin was practically on my chest. Thinking I had it in wrong, I re-inserted it the opposite way, but now the headrest slanted so far backwards I felt like I was sitting in a padded church pew. So I put it in the original way, which was uncomfortable, but at least if I was rear-ended, I wouldn’t have to look for my head in the back seat.

Glancing over at the passenger seat, I noticed the headrest was reversed, for obviously the previous renter’s passenger couldn’t get comfortable either. Keep in mind by this point, I’m still halfway out of my garage.

There’s some fun corners near my house, so I eagerly pointed the Pathfinder towards the first one, and almost drove off the road. In a bend, the steering requires several corrections to keep it from putting two wheels on the shoulder.
The transmission is a continuously variable unit, which means when you step on it, the RPMs rise to a pre-determined RPM, and stay there. If you like hearing an engine drone, this is your vehicle.

In an effort to keep costs down, the climate control system was sourced from a 1971 Datsun. Driving home one night in the 45-degree weather, I set the system to AUTO, and cranked the temperature setting to maximum, which was 90 degrees. The fans blew at their highest settings for 20 minutes, however, when I got home, the truck was barely warmer than when I’d started.

In conclusion, the 2015 Nissan Pathfinder SV is the perfect SUV for for a soccer mom whose only intention is to drive a vehicle so large, it sends lesser soccer moms running for cover.

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