BMW shoots its customers in the foot

In 2014, BMW was happy to announce to the world “Remote Controlled Parking.” This option lets owners maneuver their 7 Series into parking spots with their key fob. There’s even a setting to have the vehicle park in handicapped spaces, across two spaces, diagonally across one space, etc.

This feature, however, was disabled for the US market because of Federal regulations. However, last year, the NHTSA told BMW “Ha ha – just kidding – carry on.”

So BMW did, and triumphantly announced this new feature to the US Market with a YouTube video showing two annoying kids eyeballing each other from their hyper-rich dad’s 7 series.  BMW promised 7 series owners that hardware could be added down the road to make this feature work.

Then, two months later, bad news. In a statement BMW says, it isn’t possible, since they apparently forgot to include the necessary hardware for US-bound cars. However, US buyers who waited can get get this feature.

All auto manufactures are mired in the old way of thinking, which is “Include technology that will be obsolete in 2 years so they have to buy a new car from us.” Suddenly Tesla comes along, and like Santa Claus, gives their owners features like Traction Aware Cruise Control, Autosteer, and Summon, all with a software update. Was BMW so cheap they couldn’t have included a couple hundred dollars worth of hardware to make US owners happy? Apparently not.

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