Carmax or the mullet? Ooh! Let me think about that…

The other day I was driving to Carmax, because I was curious if they had any fun-to-drive cars with manual transmissions, like a VW GTI or a Focus ST. Turns out their manual selection consisted of a Dodge Ram, and a Kia Rio. Okay, they had more, but nothing interested me.

As I was about to turn in, I was blinded by a bright green apparition – flailing as if being chased by African Killer Bees, but instead, gave up running and decided to stop and swat them all.

I looked closer, and realized it was a man waving his arms and yelling “Turn Around” in attempt to get me NOT to turn into Carmax. His T-Shirt read, “Most $$ for your car!!” Apparently, a used car dealer that gives higher appraisals than Carmax hired him to pogo on the sidewalk like Q-bert in effort to corral customers into their lot.


Okay, first off, I can see the Craigslist ad that got this process started:

WANTED: Attractive, tall, young, slender female model, wanted for auto promotion. Must be willing to wear short skirt, have outgoing personality and ability to engage with customers. Oh, if you’re an overweight frumpy dude with a mullet, that’ll work too. We’re not picky.

Here’s the thing. If you haven’t already figured out that Carmax will give you the absolutely lowest for your car than any place around, you’re an idiot. Hmmm. Maybe a man with a mullet screaming on the sidewalk might be the thing that changes their minds…

I’m curious how many people he persuaded to get their used car appraised at his place of employment? Maybe one less than the number of people who blogged about him?


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