Maybe the French really don’t hate us

I’m traveling through the West Coast, which is an experience in itself. If you weren’t reading a car blog, you’d have material for days to sift through. So I’ll try and stay on topic.

When we got off the plane at Las Vegas airport, the first thing I saw was a clump of 300 slot machines. There were about 3 or people dumping their hard-earned into them. I can just see their thoughts as they get off the plane.

“Oh, shoot. We rented a Kia. I sure wish I had some money so I could upgrade my family to a Malibu, because OH MY GAWD, MAUDE, LOOK AT ALL THOSE SLOT MACHINES, OUR PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!!!”

I had the sense to sign up for the Hertz Gold membership, which meant I got to walk past about 400 unhappy people in the Hertz line, and go directly to our car, which was patiently waiting in slot 31. A tip to you travelers out there – get the Hertz Gold membership – it’s free.

Our first stop was the Hoover Dam. The first thing I noticed was that every third car was a 2014 Mustang convertible. Even more unusual, all were driven by men with red kerchiefs around their neck, and I swore I saw one wearing a beret. None of this made sense to me until I got to their airport, where I saw around 40 people speaking French, wearing jackets and baseball caps with Ford Mustang logos.

I approached who looked to be their leader – (he was wearing the most Mustang logos), and asked him what was going on. He was was the leader of the Mustang Club of France , and all their members had flown to Los Angeles, rented several hundred Ford Mustangs, and all drove to Las Vegas for a 50th anniversary celebration party.

How cool is that? I had no idea American muscle cars has such a following overseas. Their leader even had a sticker of his 2005 Mustang convertible on his iPhone:1photo

Makes me feel bad about how we treated the Peugeot when while we had the chance.

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