Will someone please explain black wheels to me?

Every time I see a car with expensive black wheels, I think to myself, “Poor guy, he lost his hubcaps.” Then I look closer and realize he paid thousands of dollars for that look.  This makes me cringe.

Maybe I’m from the old school, but when your hubcap falls off, it’s a badge of shame. For one, the whole world now knows you entire wheel set costs $80. You didn’t want people to see your car’s exposed black, dirty wheel, which is as embarrassing as a black eye or a hickey, for everyone would snicker at you, for they knew you were too cheap to buy a $20 hubcap, or lacked the driving chaps to steer around potholes. 

So why would you want to pay thousand of dollars for this look?

Let’s try an experiment. Tell me which car has $4000 wheels, and which one has $40 wheels.




Had to look pretty closely, didn’t you?

Well, I have an open mind. Leave your comments below.

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