Yet another example of how the Federal Government stifles innovation

George Hotz is a brilliant computer engineer (some might call him a hacker) who gained notoriety for pioneering the first iPhone jailbreak. Recently, he turned his programming skills towards autonomous cars, and developed a user-installable, self-driving system that would work on many Hondas and Acuras for only $1000. Watch the video of it in action – it’s looks absolutely mind-boggling.

It was only in the prototype stages, but it worked well enough for Tesla CEO Elon Musk to supposedly offered him tens millions of dollars for it, which Hotz turned down. Hotz’s idea was so promising, he received enough investment capital to valuate his company at $20 Million.

Sound like a nice American entrepreneur story – like Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk, who builds a highly-successful company from nothing, and winds up stimulating the economy and providing tens of thousands of jobs.

Maybe 20 years ago. But now, we have new “progressive-thinking” leaders running the Federal Government who are here to “protect” us. Yesterday, a faceless Washington bureaucrat sent George Hotz the equivalent of a company destroyer – a letter demanding numbers specifications, inputs, analysis, compliance, business forecasts, etc., for his invention, which much be completed in full in less than two weeks. Or else pay a fine of $21,000 a day.

Faced with the insurmountable task of complying with a Washington regulation from left field, George Hotz announced today that he’s hanging the project up.

This makes no sense! There’s a better way to do this.

Let the entrepreneurs hackers, and dreamers invent, create, and build. Ideas that are worthwhile will attract funding, and make it to market successfully – like Tesla’s Autopilot, for instance. Sure, some stupid people will die using it, but this is America – give us the freedom to live our lives and create our businesses. Some say the government is here to protect the consumer. I don’t see them protecting the 15 people died last year using a toaster or the 1000 people who injured themselves using a blender.

No, instead, they’re crushing an entrepreneur whose prototype might save hundreds of thousands of lives  in the interest of “public safety” because one person died using Autopilot while watching a Harry Potter movie.

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